Mobile Bar Hire

Your Local Mobile Bar Company

When you’re invited to a wedding event you go for the couple. However, you stay for the food and drink afterwards and enjoy everyone’s company.

When you arrive and there is a mobile bar, you immediately think that this is going to be a very classy event. Mobile bar Hire can help your guests look at your event in a whole new light.

After all, you didn’t go out to the supermarket and pick up a few bottles. And just grab a couple of boxes of beer and set up a help wanted sign. You took the time to find and hire a mobile bar.

Congrats! Now, you aren’t so limited in the offers you can give to your guests. We are a portable bar hire company for any kind of gathering. And, we are happy to make your event memorable. Working with a variety of venues in various events, we can mold to what you are looking for.

Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire

Company parties can be a great time for co-workers, employers, and employees to get to know each other on an individual basis.

And, why not let your hair down a bit with a mobile bar that can come in any setup. We offer various options to choose from and cater to anything you might suggest.

Working with professional bartenders will give the look of class and sophistication. We have professional bartends that are up on all of the latest drinks, as well as the classics and beer and wine options.

We take the guesswork out of what you should buy because we can come with everything.

Perfect Mobile Bar Service

Our mobile bar is perfect for any occasion. We have a comprehensive bar service that provides you with everything a regular bar would have.

We come with all the equipment to service your guests. This includes things to serve draft beers along with a full range of alcoholic and soda offerings. Our variety can rival most pubs or bars in the area.

We are happy to provide professional, reliable and efficient bar service. All our bar staff is trained in all kinds of different drinks to suit all kinds of parties. Our cocktail bars and staff are the perfect way to entice more attendance to your next event.

Let us concoct some fantastic alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails with the greatest of ease.

Need to Hire a Mobile Bar?

Mobile Bars are also great for restaurants, hotels or local bars that are going to be holding an event and would need more bars than they currently have on site.

Things like additional weddings or all the venues are booked at one time, but this isn’t something happens often. Put us on the list to call. We can help out other businesses with our mobile bar service and your guests will not know the difference.

Mobile Bar Hire is a great way to keep your customers happy and the great reviews coming in. Don’t put a bottleneck to your guests due to higher capacity. Give us a call. We are happy to help out.