Cocktail and Dry Bar Rental

Hire a Bar

Dry Bar Hire – Just Get the Bar

Need to rent a bar? Have you finally found the perfect dress, venue, and date but you don’t have a bar yet? We are here for you to rent a bar and transform your celebrations. We keep our bars fully stocked and ready for your event.

This is going to be you and your spouses special day. Makes sure everyone cherishes the memories of a wonderful atmosphere. The photographer is there to capture the memories. Yet, mobile bar hire is there so that those memories are super fun to remember!!

Enjoy great bar service as if you’re in a swanky bar or pub but in a more laid-back atmosphere of outdoors or under the starts.

“Have bar and ready to travel” we always say. We are like fun in a box for your event!

Just tell us your destination and we’ll be sure to have it all set up. We bring all the equipment and staff there and ready to make those memories no matter what the event may be. We work with you to make this day as memorable as possible.

Cocktail Bar Hire

We have also helped out other commercial operations from time to time. If you are a restaurant or hotel owner and are running various events, even more than you’re used to, we can come in and help with that as well.

We understand that staffing at a minutes notice can be impossible or you just don’t need the extra staff all the time. We have been known to help commercial operations get a rental bar from time to time. This works great for both companies.

You get the service and staff you need so your clients have no idea that you have booked up your venues a bit to capacity. We can be of your service and keep the drinks flowing and going.

Perfect Bars for Hire

We come all ready for action and know what to expect when you hire a mobile bar for a party.

This is what we do and we like to think we do this rather well. We offer respectful and fun bartenders who are trained in the bartending world. We can make up some of the best cocktails on the planet.

This goes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic services too. We don’t leave out the kids from having that fancy drink too when you hire an event bar. From the perfect garnishes to the blenders and refrigeration.

We are ready to serve you and your guests all day and night.

Trying to Hire a Bar?

Even if you’re just having a small private event. Hiring a bar is not expensive and everyone can just simply enjoy themselves and not worry about what to buy and serve.

We can have everything there and waiting for your guests. Use your time for better things like enjoying your friends and family. Let us help you make the day go from great to amazing with our bar rentals.

We work a large variety of venues and events. We are happy to speak with you about your need to hire a bar and find out if we would be the perfect fit for you.